Frequently asked questions.

How much do you charge?

The price varies, depending on how much you need from me. My clients range from “just tell me what to do” types to people who know “I’m not going to get anything done without you,” and everybody in between. So it’s best to call me if you want a quote.

But regardless of your type, I have one goal: that you’ll save way more money than you pay me. I’ve saved clients as much as $80,000 in a single year, and helped some wipe out multiple six figures of debt. Bottom line: You’ll come out ahead. For the year and the rest of your life.

How long does your training program run for?

A full year. Here’s why:

1. Your spending runs on an annual cycle. In other words, how you spend and why you spend in December is different than you do in July. And it’s not just about the numbers. There’s a huge emotional component to spending and we want to be there for that.

2. Budgeting is 20% numerical and 80% behavioral. Plain ol’ advice does bupkes. It’s impossible to change deeply ingrained financial
habits in a few sessions. But believe me, when you’re achieving wins each month, the year goes by in a flash.

I see that you’re located in Canada. Do you help people who live other countries as well?

Yes, for sure! I currently have clients in throughout Canada, United States, England and Israel. Everything I do is effective anywhere you live. We’ll Skype, talk over the phone, and Whats App each other. Just as good as seeing me without having to shlep through snow in a Canadian winter. Plus it’s really hard to give directions to my igloo ;).

How long did it take you to grow that beard?

Don’t really know. I haven’t’ touched my beard for over 10 years. But it did seem to stop growing after two years or so.

Oh, I do trim the ‘stache. Just in case you were curious.


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