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May 27

This is How You Crush Debt for Real (Forget Apps and Graphs)

Eight years ago, I dropped an article on reducing debt, breaking down the debt snowball vs. the debt avalanche approach. It blew up—big time. It happened to be one of my most popular articles ever. In a nutshell, the debt avalanche has you tackle the highest interest rates first, while the debt... read more →
Sep 01

Paycheck Doing the Houdini? Time to Highlight the Mystery!

We're knee-deep in our series on mastering cash flow (a.k.a. your guide to tracking down where your hard-earned dough is taking off to). Let's hit pause and do a quick refresher. Cash flow, what's that again? Here's the 411—it's a nifty tool that shows you exactly where your money is flying off to each month.... read more →
Sep 01
Sep 01

Cash Flow, Spreadsheets, and Sheep Eyeball Juice

Today, we're kicking off a topic that might seem as appealing as a pair of wool socks in a heatwave: cash flow & spreadsheets. Now, I know some of you out there just love getting all up in Excel's business. You're the type who gets a thrill from seeing numbers... read more →
Dec 05