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Jul 09

How to Budget When You Have ADHD

Quick Intro:  This article was co-written by June Silny (ADHD Coach) and me.  The story is hers, and the humour is mine.  Hope you enjoy ;). For most people, budgeting is tough. And having ADHD makes it even tougher. Believe me, I know all about it -- I have ADHD,... read more →
Jun 25
May 09

4 Ways to Knock Out Debt

I wasn’t built be a professional wrestler.  Not like my high school buddy Anthony -- aka “Santino Marella” -- who become the WWE Intercontinental Champion.   He’s like a brick wall and I’m just a skinny guy with a big beard.  He bodyslams 300-pound men and I couldn’t hurt a... read more →
Mar 02

3 Steps to Get Over Financial Regrets

Have you ever opened your credit card statement and felt like you really messed up again?  My hand’s raised ;).  Those feelings of regret can become overwhelming.  Even paralyzing. I know about regrets first hand.  Take my Pink Floyd box set I got when I was 16.  Bought it, loved... read more →
Nov 28