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May 24
May 15

Being cheap versus smart with money

Being cheap is to buy single-ply toilet paper just because it’s cheaper than double ply. Being smart with money, on the other hand, is to buy double ply toilet paper on sale -- even though it’s more expensive than single ply. I’m not saying that all cheap people buy single... read more →
May 09

5 ways to “financially” grow up

For most of my adult life, I acted like a kid with my money. Kinda like a financial version of Tom Hanks in BIG. Even though I had a beard and a receding hairline, when it came to spending, I hadn't changed much since first grade. If I wanted it, I bought... read more →
May 02
Apr 25

Funny Money

I love being silly and telling cheesy jokes. To prove it to you, here’s one: What's Forrest Gump’s Gmail password? 1forrest1 Get it?  Run Forest run!  1forest1! Lol! 😆 Contrast to daddy jokes; finances are dull and boring. To most of us, there’s nothing exciting about budgeting or spreadsheets. And... read more →