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Mar 19

Why budgeting apps don’t work

Mint, Quicken, Mvelopes, and YNAB are just a few budgeting apps out there. They’re all useless. Useless, if you’re not ready to change. All too often, we look for tech to solve our problems.  That’s our starting point.  Like if we find the right computer program or app, all our financial... read more →
Mar 11
Feb 26
Feb 25

Financial lingo you need to know

Here’s a list of common financial lingo you probably already know: Spreadsheet Forecast Cash-flow Debt repayment Surplus Retirement savings Unexpected expenses Equally as important, but not as well known, here’s a list of “uncommon” financial lingo: I have the power to change. I can. I will. I’m in charge today. I’m happy with... read more →
Feb 18

3 steps to become a financial master

Does "taking control of your finances" sound impossible to you? Sure, you might be able to budget for a week or two, but after that, fuhgeddaboudit. C'mon, you'll never stick to a budget. Right? Does that sound familiar? Listen carefully; you should know, it IS possible for you to master... read more →