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How to get “good” with numbers

Jun 19

“I’m not good with numbers.”

Sound familiar?

When you talk negatively about yourself — like the example of above — what are you really trying to say?

Are you giving yourself an excuse — an exit out from dealing with your finances?

By telling yourself that you’re not good with numbers are you really saying you’re not responsible?

But what if the numbers part isn’t as hard as you think it is?

That all you gotta do is read one short book and away you go (free book link on the bottom of this blog.)

To some, that can be scary.


Because once you know what to do — and realize it’s simple — that makes you responsible to solve your financial problems.

So, now, you have a choice: Either you can a) keep on believing that your not good with numbers and will be financially doomed forever, or, b) take twenty minutes, read the book, and take control of your finances.

The choice is yours.

Free book link: www.yourmagicnumber.com

About The Author

Hi, I'm Avraham (pronounced Av-Rum.) I'm a reformed spender, financial coach, and the founder of Avraham Byers Financial (I'm better with money than coming up with company names.) In a funny and non-preachy way, I teach people how to take control of their finances without giving up their smoked butterscotch lattes.
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