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The “Shopaholic” Spouse

Dec 20

Money may not be the root of all evil, but overspending can cause a whole lot of disagreement in a marriage. It’s assumed and fair to say that the less money a couple makes, the more arguments there are likely to be. If there is shopaholic in the relationship though, even top earning couples will fight about money.

To buy or not to buy something is a routine question we ask ourselves on a daily basis. But the shopaholic’s always-affirmative answer can be devastating for a family. The financial damage can cause stress and feeling of hopelessness for the shopper and other family members.

When we hear the term “shopaholic” we often smile and think of a lady walking down Rodeo Drive, hands full of shopping bags alongside her cute little poodle. Strongly enforced by our society, shopaholics are the focus of many jokes and are often thought about as being materialistic, shallow, and harmless.

The truth is far from this example. In my experience, shopaholics are usually sophisticated, they have personal philosophies, deep thoughts about life and their compulsive behaviours have serious financial consequences. Unfortunately, our light-minded perception of their actions means many shopaholics put off seeking help until they get divorced or end up bankrupting their families.

How can a Personal Financial Trainer help you?

Being a shopaholic or being married to one can be embarrassing. The only way to deal with a spouse’s overspending is to realize the severity of the problem and find appropriate help. Not knowing who to turn to, though, reinforces feelings of isolation.

Many of our clients have moved past their out-of-control spending and consider themselves “reformed shopaholics”. We work with them, week after week, to change the way they view themselves and their spending. We give them tools, support, and the empowerment they need to make this a life-lasting change.

About The Author

Hi, I'm Avraham (pronounced Av-Rum.) I'm a reformed spender, financial coach, and the founder of Avraham Byers Financial (I'm better with money than coming up with company names.) In a funny and non-preachy way, I teach people how to take control of their finances without giving up their smoked butterscotch lattes.
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